Sunday, August 18, 2013

Muscle Joint Pain - Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies and Alternative Treatments

Joint pain may occur due to muscle fatigue and strains. Muscles are responsible for joints to move, the two bones of joint are extended and bend by the contraction and expansion of muscles. Due to any injury, over use, or infection muscles may get swollen or infected which causes pain in the joint.

Muscle sprains cause temporary joint pains in the weight bearing joints and it is a very common problem. Weight bearing joints of the body bear chunk of weight and muscles need extra energy and strength to keep them moving. This makes them prone to exhaustion and sprains which causes joint pain. Massages to the affected joints by anti-inflammatory Rumatone Gold oil can alleviate the situation. Sometimes swelling around the joint is noticed with pain during the movement. Covering the joint with towel soaked in hot water helps in promoting blood flow to the area which can relieve the aching muscle to reduce pain and inflammation.

In osteoarthritis cartilage damage allows the bones of the joint to rub each other which causes severe joint pain during the movement, this damage to the joint changes the joint configuration for worst and muscles attached to the joints get swollen and painful to further aggravate the pain. In rheumatoid arthritis the tissues of muscles are attacked by the immune system of the body which can make them painful, swollen and weak. Such muscles are unable to move the joints and cause pain. Use of herbs which are helpful in relieving pain and inflammation along with massages and exercises can alleviate the pain. Herbs like Ashwagandha, nettle leaf, devil's claw and boswellia have been used since ages for pain relief in joint and muscles due to arthritis.

Reasons for gout arthritis is deposition of urate crystals in the tissues, tendons, muscles and ligaments which later cause infection in the synovial fluid to promote problems in the mobility of the joints. Tissues of the muscles get weak and prone to infection after deposition of urate crystals which come with blood. Tendonitis is a disease related to tendons which makes tendons swell. These swelled tendons can exert extra pressure on the muscles to promote joint pain and inflammation. Weakening of muscles due to any other infection, disease or disorder not directly linked with joint can also promote joint pain. Weak muscles get exhausted with minimum physical activity and cause joint pain, such pains can subside by treating the bigger problem. Such problems are hyper and hypothyroidism, diabetes, bursitis, fibromyalgia etc.

Any injury or trauma which has damaged a part of musculoskeletal system like nerve damage or multiple fractures can also initiate pain in muscles or joint. With the initial symptoms of swollen joints it shall be treated and if general treatments like massages and pain killing herbs and ointment are not working medical opinion shall be taken. Light exercises like yoga, aerobics and exercises in water pool helps a lot in pain relief and reduction of inflammation. These also increase endurance of joints and muscles which augurs well for smooth and pain free movement. Strenuous exercises shall be avoided during inflammation.

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